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Punched parts, deep-drawn parts
and formed parts in accordance
with individual requirements

At MEESE everything revolves around the punching and forming of individual metal parts with the highest quality and efficiency requirements – brackets, plugs, carriers, lead frames, contacts, plug contacts, casings, covers, sleeves and much more.

From the first design meeting through to the CAD construction and production and fine adjustment of the tool, all the work is carried out by our competent and experienced tool making specialists. More than 45 years of experience, qualified staff and a high quality range of machinery ensure that you receive the tools with which we then produce your stamped parts, deep-drawn parts and formed parts at the maximum quality and with maximum efficiency.

Our clients, for whom we produce a wide range of stamped and formed metal parts and high quality deep-drawn parts, include renowned companies from the automobile industry, the electronics and electrical industries and from the consumer goods industry. Our production capacity ranges from small series with several 10,000 pieces per annum to several 100,000,000 parts per annum.

Punched and formed parts by MEESE for the electronics industry

Some of the products we manufacture for the electronics industry:

  • Accessories for communications electronics
  • Automobile electronics
  • Computer
  • Switch cabinets
  • Plug-in connectors


One of our particular strengths in this area lies in the processing of selectively finished surfaces, e.g. to ensure optimum conditions for contacts or solder points.


Punched and formed parts by MEESE for the automobile supply industry

For our customers in the automobile supply industry we mainly produce metal components for vehicle interiors, engine compartment, exhaust systems, including:

  • Contact bridges for fan switches
  • Contact decks
  • LCD brackets for displays
  • Springs and connecting rods for fan flaps
  • All types of contacts


Punched and formed parts by MEESE for the consumer goods industry

We produce punched and formed parts for the consumer goods industry, most of which are used in liquid pumps, sanitary and heating installations and in measurement technology and the construction industry, among others.

  • Copper disks
  • Joints and disks
  • Pipe and cable clamps
  • Earth conductor clips
  • Clamping springs
  • Multiple contacts
  • Anchors