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Construction and tool making
with maximum precision


Construction and tool making are at the very core of MEESE. The construction department with experienced experts in punching and forming technology will develop custom concepts for you that ensure that your punched parts, formed parts and deep-drawn parts display have the greatest possible precision and process security.

Our highly qualified staff in our own tool-making department produce your tools in accordance with detailed CAD drawings and ensure their optimum maintenance during their entire production lifetime. This gives you the security that your punched, formed and deep-drawn parts will be produced with the maximum quality and efficiency, also in the long term.

Regular training ensures that the expert knowledge of our staff, which is already comprehensive, is always kept up to date and that useful new technologies are used as soon as possible for your benefit.

PM Werkzeugbau GmbH – Specialist and manufacturer of individual
tools for your independent production of stamped and formed parts.

Technology in construction and tool making

  • Construction in 3D (IGES/STEP)
  • Thermoforming simulation
  • Wire erosion:
    max. 640 × 480 × 250 mm
  • HSC milling machine: max. 50.000 U/min.
  • CNC milling machine:
    max. 1000 × 800 mm, max. 1000 kg
  • Sink erosion
  • CNC turning lathe
  • Flat profile and cylindrical grinding